Jonathon David White  - With a Servant's Heart

History of a Home

outside in summer and winter

  1. Past (1890~2011)
  2. Built prior to 1890 (based on the existance of newspapers of that era being used as insulation in neighbouring house)

    On 1952.03.30 bought by Ms. Amalie (born near Polish/German border) & Eduard Tripke for $8,400. She lived in the house with her husband and then mother in later years. Her passion was flowers and she had a beautiful garden. Declining health of her husband resulted in her putting a bathroom in on 1st floor (unable to climb to 2nd floor) that was unique in terms of having a large window to the outside. This allowed her to check on the health of her husband. After her husband died she stayed in the house finally moving to an old age home in Ancaster at 95 years old.

    When the Wentworth Street was torn up and the lead piping removed from city property, a neighbour, Joe (126 Wentworth St. North) helped Amalie by replacing the lead piping to and in the house with copper piping.

    2010.01.29 bought by John Kobak (Italian)for $84,000. Extensive Renovations.

    2010.05.03 bought by Maria & Manual Machado for $125,000. They purchased the property to be near their daughter on 4 Smith Avenue. numerous renovations including a new kitchen and shining hardwood floors on first floor and fixing bathroom on 2nd floor. Materials purchased for further work (but not finished) including rebuilding of the garage. Needed to sell due to declining health of Maria and her inability to climb stairs. moved into a 1 story house at 121 Robins. (905-527- 1845)

  3. Moving In (2011)
  4. It had been 7 years since my family moved from Malaysia to Taiwan under God's direction. Then God laid on my heart that we should return to Canada for a Sabbatical rest after 6 years. As the time approached my heart started to become full of fears of the unknown: How would my family adjust to Canada? Could we find a suitable /affordable place to live? Would my wife like it? Where should we live? What about my work?

    I came back first to look for a place for my wife and four children to live during our 6 month Sabbatical in Canada. Initial efforts to find an appartment to lease for this period of time were unsuccessful. I could not find a landlord who was willing to rent to a person with four children, for six months, having no Canadian credit rating.

    Scanning the Spectator's Real Estate section, one house jumped out at me. Sunday afternoon after visiting my Aunt Kay at Macassa Lodge (a city hospice), we drove passed it. I felt prompted to knock on the door. The owner welcomed us in. It felt right. My mother came in. She felt similarly: My wife Sharon would like this house. Tuesday we looked at the area. School? Cathy Wever about 1' walk (Teachers very positive “I didn't want to come here but now I don't want to leave.”) Church? Wentworth Baptist Church 30 seconds walk, pastor served in Pakistan for 11 years with YWAM. Recreation? Indoor swimming pool (Family year pass $132) 2 minutes walk. Transportation? 30 seconds walk to Cannon Street Bus. Transport one way to downtown and the other to my mothers house (only 90 minutes and $2 via free transfer to Burlington Transit).

    Thus on 2011.02.25 the house was purchased by Jonathon David White for $149,000 (Asking was $159,997) with the financial help of his mother,

    Furnishing the House

    The house was furnished by the donations of friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. Others helped us to move the donations in and prepare the house for the arrival of my family. In particular I am thankful to

    Andrea & Jon Miller[boys clothing + baby play saucer (lent)]; 
    Andrea & Paul Chuang[dresser, coffee maker]; 
    Angela Kelly (Greer Hutchinson neighbour)[bed + mattresses for Aien ]; 
    Brenda (Sally Yhap' friend)[Beautiful Single Bed/mattress]; 
    Chantel & David Morin[table 4 chairs]; 
    Church of Nazarene (via Sally Yhap)[Cutlery ]; 
    Edna Fords (Marge White's Friend)[coffee machine-->Vacuum Cleaner]; 
    Fred & Sally Yhap[Beds, fix door]; 
    Fred & Sarah Paatz[table for 4, chairs, microwave]; 
    Grant Hutchinson[moving/Coordination]; 
    Irene & Collin Spithoff[playpen,crib w/mattress, baby girl clothes]; 
    John & Mandy Joseph[knives,pots,wok,crib mattress/sheets,twin mattress (many lent)]; 
    John Wittaker[moving]; 
    Laura Colwell[coordinated donations from Ladies study + donations]; 
    Manuel and Maria Machado[House left nicely]; 
    Mark & Laurie Lepp[dishes, kitchen + bath towels, pots + pans]; 
    Rochelle Morris[sofa, loveseat, microwave & lamps]; 
    Rochelle Morris's Neighbour[double bed]; 
    Sandy Miller[couch offered, grocery voucher given]; 
    Scott Hutchinson[VAN usage]; 

    Property Inspection

    Results of analysis of house by Property Inspector prior to purchase and one by Ralph Tulloch (Electrician) Analysis on April 2, 2011

    1. Do not touch/replace Knob & Tube Wiring on 2nd floor
    2. If need new outlets put them on inner walls coming from attic. To do this run circuit 3 from bathroom into attic in the short wall and then externally above short wall into attic to 4" junction box and then distribute to required rooms using the internal walls. Make totally new outlets.
    3. Marret loose wires in junction box (DONE)
    4. Replace light switch in Master Bedroom (DONE)
    5. Do not finish basement but leave all wiring exposed.
    6. Outside line is not standard 120V and is dead (maybe before for Christmas lights.)

    Paint Cans in Basement left by earlier people:

    • Behr Premium Plus Ultra-Pure White Interior/Exterior Hi-Gloss Enamel
    • Behr Premium Plus Ultra-Pure White Interior 100% Acrylic Latex Can Top: Can. Tire Jan 2010 Base: 76308 Med Quart, BLK Shots 15 Half Shots 1 OXR Shots: 9 Half Shots 1 WHT 1 ounces, 4 shots

  5. People Sharing the House
    1. 2011 August, our family returns to Taiwan and others start to enjoy our house...
    2. 2011 August: The two Siu brothers from Hong Kong move in and attend Cathedral Catholic School
    3. 2012 September: Chelsea DeLeuw (Mohawk Student) and her young son
    4. 2013 June: Emergency shelter for Bella and her 3 children stay for 1 month until they find new living arrangments.
    5. 2013 August: Goutama and Barbara Rama and for a short time his brother Mike (Chandra) finds repose at 129
    6. 2014 August: Debra Cantwell helps us to care for house and has some doctors staying for short terms
    7. 2015 September: James Chen and Chester Wu from Taiwan study English for a few months
    8. 2016 January: Pastor Eric O-Neil and Sarah Dear, as newlyweds move in...

  6. Continuous Improvement...
  7. March 2011

    • (Basement) Remove 100s of old nails fr ceiling
    • (Basement) Insulate crevices above walls to >R22
    • (Basement) Remove old papers in ceiling
    • (Basement) Behr Ultra Interior Base 2750 Eggshell Color 160C-1 Floral Linen (Pink) in laundry area.
    • (Basement) 3 New lights (2 on the low usage circuit 7)
    • (Electrical) Wiring Diagrams Completed
    • (Plumbing) Insulate hot water pipes
    • (1st Floor) Backdoor insulated

    April 2011

    • (1st Fl) Replace 2 prong w/ 3 prong socket (circuit 9)
    • (cold room)Remove old light(circuit 5), 2 new lights + receptical (circuit 7)
    • (cold room)Removing newspapers (1965) in ceiling
    • (basement) Clothes Line added
    • (2nd Fl) Replace light switch main bedroom

    May-June 2011

    • (cold room) CIL Dulux Gloss Premium Oil Base White : roof and walls, add insulation
    • (basement) painting ceiling in Behr Floral Linen (finish 2nd Gallon)
    • (basement) 2 new lights w/switch & recepticle for desk area.
    • (2nd Floor) Circuit 3 changed to Circuit 6

    July 2011

    • (Cold room) Add switched outlet for box freezer
    • (Cold Room) Finish Painting with Oil based CIL
    • (Attic) One socket
    • (2nd Floor) New light in hall closet
    • (Basement)Finish insulation of crevices
    • (Cold room) Finish insulation of roof.
    • (Cold room) Cabinat to roof.
    • (Basement) Use up 1 of 2 cans of: Behr Premium Plus Ultra-Pure White Interior/Exterior Hi-Gloss Enamel for roof over dryer and some wood
    • (Main Floor) Back Screen door added.

    August 2011

    • (Basement) Finish painting roof with Behr Floral Linen + some other color of older paint
    • (Basement) install new lights, recepticel.
    • (Basement) Cabinate up over dryer
    • (Outside) Number on the back gate
    • (Basement) Replace the single with double washtubs.
    • Searched history of property and owners back to 1935...

    2012: New Roof: Three layers of shingles removed and new plywood undergirding

    2013: Plumbing: Main column (Cast Iron) Replaced with PVC

    2015: Spring: New Eavestroughs for this house and neighbour to north

    2015: Summer/Fall:

    • (Basement) New High Efficiency Vented Hot Water Tank (Lowes, 50 gal, owned)
    • (Basement) Most hot water piping replaced with Shark-Bite Fittings and PEX tubing. Now water flows directly to where needed rather than indirectly.
    • (Outside) Cracks along outside walls filled with hydralic Cement
    • LED light bulbs installed
    • LED strip lighting installment started
    • (Basement) Plaster knocked off the basement walls (partially completed)
    • (Attic) Additional Insulation
    • (Basement) Additional Recepticals on circuit 17 for spinner, water heater and LED lighting.
    • (Outside) Painting of back porch with Behr Floor and Patio Paint (Slate Grey)
    • (Basement) Painting off floor with Behr Floor and Patio Paint (Ultra White)


     1. veranda enclosure
     2. additional attic insulation or make a room on 3rd floor
     5. Electricity to 2nd Bedroom closet
     7. Motar in the bricks
     9. underground wiring to garage
     10. garage reconstruction

Main Floor