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outside in summer and winter

1. Costs and Components

The cost of running a house is much greater in Canada than in Taiwan. Other than mortgage payments and maintenance expenses, one has to consider property taxes, insurance, electricity, natural gas and water & sewer. The first two are fixed costs while the latter three varies greatly with season. As seen in the above figure, during the cold winter months, the use of gas is high (heating), In constrast, during the summer gas usage is negligable, with electrical expenses dominating due to the use of air conditioning. Minimizing the cost of electricity in a home involves doing washing at times in which the electricity costs are lowest. For this house basic utilities average ~$200/month, taxes are ~$133/month and insurance runs around $60.00/month for a total running cost of CAN$400.00/month. Note that this does not include either mortgage payments or maintenance costs.

2. Electricity (Circuit & Breakers)

3. Hot Water: Setting the Tank Heating Conditions

4. Washing & Drying Clothes (Weekends all day, or Weekdays 11pm to 7AM)

Electricity costs in Canada vary greatly depending on the time of day and season. In general rates are 50% the daytime rates during weekends and between the hours of 11pm to 7am. Thus it is advisable to plan electricity usage to coincide with these times of low cost.

1. Wash

  1. Place clothes in washing machine.
  2. Turn dial and pull out to start water
  3. Add soap.

2. Spin to remove excess water

Generally 3 minutes is sufficient time to remove the majority of water.

3. Dry Clothes

  • ☀ Hang clothes on the backyard clothesline. (Best Option)
  • ☔ AND humidity 濕度<40%; Then Hang clothes up in the basement.
  • ☔ AND humidity 濕度>40%; Then Use Electric Clothes Dryer
    1.     Pull Out/Clean the LINT FILTER.
    2.     Check the OUTLET exhaust from dryer (make sure there is passage for air)
    3.     Turn on dryer.