Daily Life

Hong Kong gangmembers
Chinese revolutionaries
Japanese managers
Malay peasants

People -- that is one of the things that makes life interesting. I am very interested in getting to know and understand people of different backgrounds and races. I find it fascinating to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and talk. Each person has his own unique life history. Each has his/her own story! In listening we learn not only more about another person, but also more about ourselves.

In light of this, I have spent considerable time trying to learn other languages such as Japanese and Chinese. Now I am seeking to learn Malay so that I can communicate freely with those in the Kampungs. So, please help me when you have a chance!

I am pleased to have the honour of being chosen the advisor to the Chinese Literature Society. Through this group I can learn about what it means to be Chinese in Malaysia. How these students seek to balance a love of the country of Malaysia with a love of the culture of China. I have also spent some time developing a Chinese-Pinyin-English Biblical Site

Outside of work, weekends, especially Sundays, are a chance to play with our beautiful daughter Aien (She is a real bundle of joy!) or to look around Melaka. My favored means of transportation is a bicycle (partly because Malaysia has not given me a motorcycle licence!). On a bike you can ride, and stop to talk with people. Sunday mornings I usually attend church, first in Chinese and then in English. When my Malay improves, I hope I can also attend in Malay! Aien -- our bundle of joy!
Finally, Tuesday evenings are spent in a shophouse in Bukit Baruang attending an informal meeting of Christian students from Multimedia University.

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