May 31, 2005

Dear Friends:

I am sorry for the long silence but I am remembering you. Continually in my life I see that God is good -- and his timing is right. But more about this later...

Theme verse

Each year I ask God for a year concept or theme. This year my prayer is that I may see things through God's eyes and not through man's eyes. The verse is Isaiah 55#2 “Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not?”

In contrast to last, this year is busy – I need God's perspective on activities. How much time should I invest in preparing for teaching? How should I answer requests for assistance in research and writing? How much time with family? How much time in church related activities?

Quick update

Hard to believe it is nearly 2 years since God led us to leave Malaysia and my position at Multimedia University. In a previous letter I have shared about God's timing regarding my departure including his preparation of a full time worker (Miss Chen) for the Macap work (On a recent trip back I was happy to see children in Sunday school and to hear that they had had a number of well received 'camps') Now I can see the hand of God the timing of our movement to Taiwan. Only a few years ago, it was almost impossible for a foreigner to get a faculty position in a university here. However, two years ago the government made an abrupt turn and started to encourage universities to recruit foreigners (i.e. English speaking white skinned people). Last year, at the same time as my application arrived, the policy was just starting to be implemented by universities. I have now been teaching at Yuan Ze University full time since September (2004) in the department of Electrical Engineering.

The first year back was a quasi- “Sabbatical” year of rest with my family heading back to Nantou weekly to lead an English language school on Sunday mornings as a way of outreach to to the community and with the hope that some members of her family (i.e. My wife's cousins) would attend.

Current Situation

Last September, after 9 careful checks at 3 month intervals, my wife's physicians believe that the lumps in her lungs are not cancerous – although they are still not sure what has caused the lumps. Her checks have been reduced back to 2/year.

This year I am teaching 9 hours of classes at Yuan Ze University (YZU) – 3 hours of physics to 1st year students and 6 hours of English to graduate students (ie how to write scientific papers and make oral presentations). I have prepared a research proposal and submitted it to the government and will know whether it will be funded by August. In the meantime, I am collaborating with students in Malaysia (MMU) on research as well as with Professor Fann's group at Taiwan national university. God has been good this year allowing us to publish 4 scientific papers in good journals (obviously last year I did not publish any papers) and copy editing is finishing on our first book to be released internationally.

We completed moving from Taipei to Taoyuan where we bought an small 3 bedroom apartment (and parking place) close to the university (15' by bicycle). It is also only a 15' taxi ride from the international airport—but not on the flight path, fortunately! Thank God that our 2 story house in Melaka sold. We used the money as a down payment, got a new house loan from the government (2.5% interest rate) and have rented out the parking space for about US$60/month. Xiuman is very happy with this new home.

Otherwise continuing research collaboration and connections with Malaysia and Mainland China (Xian). Originally had planned to spend summer in Xian but since Xiuman is pregnant. This may not be possible. So a new addition to our family (a boy) is expected July 12 of this year.

Happy thing!

Xiuman is pregnant. A new addition to our family (a boy) is expected July 12 of this year. (unfortunately my plans for summer may need to change – ie my trip to Xian)

The picture is Aien at her birthday party which we held at Yuan Ze University

God is good...



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