June 16, 2006

Dear Friends:

Just a short note to touch base.

Hard to believe that another year of university has finished (my second full year at Yuan Ze University in Taiwan). It has been a good year with Aien growing (finishing primary 1) and our new son Youen (now 11 months) adding excitement to our lives.

A few weeks ago we went to south-east Taiwan for a friends wedding. The environment there is much different from the "drab industrial city" in which the university is located.

Now I am returning to Canada for 1 month's vacation with my daughter (until July 17) My son and wife will stay in Canada.

May God bless. Thank you for your friendship,


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PS.The pictures are of in TaiDong. The other picture is of my family along with the bride and groom in TaiDong at the wedding on May 20,2006. The picture of Youen and Aien was taken the following day.

Update Letter of J D White and family