Update Letter of December 2009 of Jonathon White & family

Hello! Still in Taiwan. Still teaching at Yuan Ze University (YZU). Still seeking to follow the road God has set for me!

On November 21st, I booked tickets for Youen, Aien and myself to visit my mother in Canada (Lien and Xiuman will stay in Taiwan). Thus I am looking forward to being in North America from January 26 to February 13 (little longer than my last visit). Youen and Aien are both looking forward to the trip - in fact, so much so that the next morning Youen was up asking early asking what time we will leave! He has since composed 'go to Canada' song and is always asking when we will go.

Here's a quick family update. And here are some photographs (August to December, 2009)

All for now,

In Christ,


PS. Do check out our photographs: http://www.xiaotu.ca/whitejd/091213/index.htm