AiYouLiLiang Above all things have fervent charity (love) among yourselves: 最要紧的是彼此切实相
for charity (love) shall cover the multitude of sins. 因为能遮掩许多的罪
(1 Peter 4:8)
Hatred stirreth up strifes: 恨能挑启争端
but love (charity) covereth all sins. 能遮掩一切过错
(Proverbs 箴 10:12)

September 9, 2018
Joy filled summer in Canada & Back to Taiwan

Our family returned to Canada in the first week of July for 6 weeks.

Camp Cherith, Walkerton ON (2 to 3 weeks)

Our 3 younger children, along with 3 children who came with us from Taiwan, enjoyed a few weeks at Camp Cherith. My eldest daughter (Charity/Aien) served for 3 weeks in kitchen and I had the opportunity of being the divisional director for boys for 1 week and help with leading a canoe trip on a second week. (My wife took a few weeks of needed rest at my mother's home in Oakville, before escorting the Taiwanese children back to Taiwan) It was a wonderful time for all involved. The children from Taiwan had impressive improvement in their English. It was wonderful to hear them singing camp songs when a few weeks earlier their English was negligable! My two sons recommitted to following Jesus, one Taiwanese boy (Christian family) recommitted his life to Christ and another (non-Christian family) appears to have accepted Jesus as Saviour (He read both Genesis and Exodus in two weeks.)

With My Mother (3-4 weeks)

My mother was both physically and mentally better than when we were with her in January and last summer. She was walking well. I enjoyed having her out at her house -- she seemed to recognize me more often than on previous visits. On occassion she also recognized our children. And, praise God, she generally slept at night when she was out at our house. (See picture on right of my mother and daughter Aien Charity Grace)

Short Sidetrip in Vancouver

Flying back to Taiwan, we broke our flight in Vancouver for 2 nights -- although we have often transferred in Vancouver, my wife and younger children have never left the airport. Our family had a wonderful time taking the ferry to Vancouver Island, visiting Cathedral Grove (800 year old trees) and hiking in the Lynn Canyon (crossing the suspension bridge, playing in the water, and learning at the hands-on ecology center). It seems that God completely organized our time and the trip was smooth.

Moving Forward: Thanksgivings and Prayer Items

June RequestsCurrent StatusContinue to pray for...
Home Small Group (connected to church)-Enjoying learning to work with Sharon although only 2 regular adult attendees. Small is good as can spend time necessary to follow-up.-God's will be done in this small group and Vincent will have spiritual hunger.
Yuan Ze University-God continues to work. Approval for Bible related course almost complete. Coworkers are being provided.-for suitable coworkers, planning of course (start in March), students -This semester Bible Reading Class.
Camp Cherith-Praise God for his working in the lives of the Taiwanese children and my own children. -Next summer plans
Research Work at University-Funding was not granted for the 3rd year. Still difficulties with experimental work data consistency.-for wisdom about future research and for students to have sufficient results to graduate.
Finances-Praise God movement on settling Aunt's estate on Saturday before left on Monday AM Canada. Praise God for clarity on my residency.-wisdom regarding Taiwan investment, and the settling of Aunt's estate.
OtherTo see students and neighbors follow Christ and the courage to share my faith completely to calling for decision.


This semester I will continue to involved with a Bible Survey class that I have been teaching with another Christian professor. This may be our last term working together. In second semester he will continue to lead this course and I will concentrate on the new course taught in English.

I will continue to speak monthly at an English language church service on Sunday evenings. I find this quite enjoyable to prepare and to deliver these messages.

The verses that I have shared above have come out of my thinking and observations. There are many many Christians that are much more talented physically and spiritually than I am. So gifted. It saddens me when it seems actions are dominated by calculation rather than love.

Hebrews 9:27 "It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment." How will I be judged? Like Beltshazzer who had everything only to be weighed and found wanting, loosing his kingdom and his life? Or as the servant who Jesus commended: "Well done my good and faithful servant"?

(Picture below of family with two of the boys from Taiwan who came with us to Canada)